• Chopin Season-Starters

    • Vegetable and Sour Cream Omelette

      COP $26.000

      A specialty of French Cuisine prepared fresh every day at our hotel. Asparagus, dried tomatoes and a variety of sautéed vegetables served with mixed greens marinated in sesame.

    • Gretta Salad

      COP $35.000

      A fresh salad of crispy artichokes, asparagus, dried tomatoes and olives on mixed greens and crumbled Feta cheese with herbs and Cazorla olive oil.

    • Rissoto de La Opera

      COP $32.000

      A classic italuan dish carefully preparared with Arborio rice, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, artichokes and fresh asparagus.

    • Vegetarian Fettuccine Bolognese

      COP $26.000

      Homemade fettuccine served with a vegetarian Bolognese sauce made with textured soy.

    • Vegetarian Antipasto

      COP $24.000

      A variety of vegetables sautéed in PDO Cazorla olive oil and arranged on a dispay of olives, artichokes, asparagus. Served with bread and a creamy cheese bocconcini dip.

    • Chopin Season-Entrées

    • Saumon á Lóseille

      COP $46.000

      French interpretation of the classic Fréres Troisgros recipe. Salmon fillet cooked in a unique and exclusive sorrel sauce in a vermouth reduction and served with rissole potatoes.

    • Seasonal Fish á la Meuniére

      COP $40.000

      Pan- seared catch of the day topped with a velvety citrus sauce. At La Scala Restaurant, we bring French cuisine to your table.

    • Roasted Cornish Hen

      COP $46.000

      Imported Cornish hen stuffed with beef tenderloin cooked with olives and nuts, topped with a delicious candied orange sauce and served with rosemary and lemon potatoes.

    • Spanish Pork Knuckle

      COP $36.000

      Marinated pork knuckle cooked for 48 hours. The Spanish sauce makes this preparation a real treat. Served with roasted rustic potatoes.

    • Tournedos Provencale

      COP $42.000

      Three beef tenderloin medallions on homemade brioche crust topped with a traditional provencale tomato and garlic sauce with wine reduction and served with stuffed tomatoes and mushroom duxelles.

    • Tortellinis di Coda

      COP $38.000

      Homemade semolina pasta filled with tender beef tail, rich demi-glace and ricotta cheese. Served with a classic homemade tomato sauce.

    • Seafood Zarzuela

      COP $28.000

      A dish from the coasts of Catalonia packed with flavor. A variety of stewed fish with Spanish Ñora peppers.