• Season Tchaikovsky-Starters Mediterranean

    • Andalusian Ranch Soup


      Beautifully balanced Minestrone soup made with fresh tomatoes, vegetables and seasonal cabbage, short pasta and Italian bacon accompanied with grissini and serrano ham.

    • Opera Smoked Salmon


      Juicy cured and smoked salmon fillet paired with a smooth and creamy champagne and dill flower dressing.

    • Feira Octopus (Pulpo a la Gallega)


      Octopus cooked to perfection in a concentrated seafood broth, on top of crispy potatoes, De La Vera paprika and D.O. de Cazorla Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    • Season Tchaikovsky-Main Courses Mediterranean

    • Tortellinis di Coda

      COP $33.000

      Handmade house pasta made with wheat semolina filled with a sublime, soft and exquisite oxtail in demi-glace and ricotta cheese. Accompanied by a classic homemade Neapolitan sauce.

    • Spaghetti All’amatriciana


      Traditional pasta dish typical of the Lazio region in Italy, prepared with Guanciale (pork cheek) and pecorino on a pomodoro base.

    • Veal and Funghi Risotto


      Risotto with portobello and crimini mushrooms, roasted veal tenderloin and a reduction of dried white wine and arborio rice. Finished with house ricotta and fresh cream.

    • Salmon L’oseille


      Exquisitely crafted salmon fillet in a French interpretation of the classic Troisgros Brothers recipe, with its unique citrus sorrel sauce in a vermouth reduction accompanied by potatoes Risolé.

    • Seasonal Fish Meuniére


      Pan-seared catch of the day gently bathed in a natural, velvety citrus sauce. French cuisine at the table of La Scala Restaurant for you to enjoy.

    • Duck Confit á l’Orange


      Duck leg and thigh simmered for 20 hours, accompanied by a traditional caramelized orange juice and roasted pine nuts.

    • Spanish Pork Knuckle

      COP $37.000

      Pork knuckle marinated and cooked for 48 hours. The Spanish sauce makes this preparation a real delicacy accompanied by rustic potatoes.

    • Tournedos Escoffier


      Three beef tenderloin medallions on a homemade brioche with a traditional provencal sauce made of tomatoes and garlic with a wine reduction and accompanied by a stuffed tomato and mushroom duxelle.