• Season Tchaikovsky-Straters Colombian Experience

    • Seafood Casserole


      Classic taste of the Colombian seafood casserole with coconut milk. Cartagena´s flavors are present in this preparation.

    • Quinoa Soup with Tender Beef Rib


      Nutritious and exquisite 19th century royal quinoa soup reminiscent of lost traditional flavors. Smooth thick rib cut with a touch of hogao.

    • Crispy Plantain Canelón and Coconut- Marinated Shellfish


      Tender shrimps marinated in coconut on a crispy plantain canelón and accompanied by a Guapireño refried sauce with herbs.

    • Season Tchaikovsky-Main Courses Colombian Experience

    • Free-Range Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Avocado

      COP 33.000

      Chicken thigh delicately braised in an original Colombian homemade stew accompanied by regional yellow potatoes and fresh avocado. The Colombian homemade flavor explodes in the mouth with the simplicity and strength of Colombian cuisine.

    • Cartagena’s Posta Negra

      COP 41.000

      There is nothing more exquisite than this traditional flavor of Cartagena’s cuisine slow-cooked for five hours in a reduction of brown sugar and vegetables. Tender beef round eye steak accompanied with toasted plantain, coconut and raisin rice and avocado.

    • Roast Seasonal Fish

      COP 60.000

      Whole seasonal fish brought from Bahía Solano in the Department of Chocó. Roasted in the oven and accompanied by toasted plantains and house salad.

    • Bogota Style Stew

      COP 33.000

      Tribute to this traditional plate from Bogota composed of pork ribs and beef, sausage and chicken. As well as cob, cassava, potato, arracacha, rice and accompanied by an exquisite broth. The classic Hogo is a perfect pairing and enhances Colombian cuisine.

    • Solaneño Rice


      Rice with a variety of seafood and seasonal fish from Bahía Solano. Enjoy this unique and special flavor at La Scala Restaurant. Accompanied by toasted plantains and sliced avocado.