• Chopin Season-Vegetarian Starters

    • Tomato Soup with Roasted Corn and Chipotle

      COP 18.000

      Traditional Mexican soup with smoked chipotle peppers, corn tortillas, avocado and roasted corn.

    • Sweet Corn in Pennyroyal Margarine

      COP 18.000

      Tender sweet corn, gently roasted in a textured, soft pennyroyal margarine.

    • Aguascalientes Tacos

      COP 26.000

      Mexican tacos stuffed with lettuce, vegetarian refried beans, pico de gallo and guacamoles. Served with sour cream chipotle sauce.

    • Colombian Experience- Entrées

    • Quinoa-Crusted Beef Steak

      COP 43.000

      Tender and juicy quinoa-crusted beef steak served with a creamy salsa criolla and roasted rustic potatoes. An exclusive creation of La Scala restaurant.

    • Roasted Seasonal Fish

      COP 40.000

      Whole seasonal fish brought from Bahía Solano in the province of Chocó, roasted in the oven and served with platain toast and house salad.

    • Free-Range Chicken with Roasted Yellow Potatoes and Avocado

      COP 32.000

      Free-range chicken thigh delicately stewed in an original Colombian homemade stew served with yellow potatoes and fresh avocado. Asimple homemade dish packed with the strong flavors of Colombian cuisine.

    • Paisa Bean Casserole

      COP 32.000

      Nothing more exquisite than this traditional  Colombian dish: bean casserole with bacon and pig's trotters, served with avocado, rice, sliced plantain, arepa and avocado.

    • Mountain Cold Cuts

      COP 36.000

      The Colombian countryside brings this culinary wonder to our table. Traditional ingredients such as chorizo, bacon, tender skirt steak, chicken, corn, sliced plantain and arepa are wrapped in bijao leaf served with rice and Colombian hogao.

    • Bogotá-Style Stew

      COP 38.000

      A tribute to this traditional Bogotá dish composed of pork and beef ribs, sausage and chicken, rice vegetables such as corn, cassava, potato and arracacha, served in a delicious broth. The classic hogao brings together the flavors of Colombian cuisine in this dish.

    • Solaneño Rice

      COP 32.000

      Rice cooked with a variety of shellfish and seasonal fish brought from Bahía Solano, served with plantain toast and sliced avocado.