• Colombian Experience- Starters

    • Casserole Caribbean seafood

      COP 26.000

      Creamy and consistent cream of fish with the classics Atlantic coast seafood Colombian Coconut milk makes of this sumptuous preparation unforgettable and exquisite preparation.

    • Shrimp ceviche Cartagenero

      COP 24.000

      From the Historical Center itself from Cartagena to the Historic Center from Bogota this Tribute to the cocktail Traditional and famous "Sincelejo" made with shrimp, ketchup, coconut water, mayonnaise and chili.

    • Crunchy Chicharrón Paisa

      COP 16.000

      Original and tasty chicharrón fleshy and crispy of the region of the old caldas cooked slowly until golden brown accompanied by patacón and lemon.

    • Colombian Experience- Entrées

    • Pandao's Catch of the day

      COP 43.000

      Whole 1-kilogram cooked fish wrapped in banana leaves with ripe banana and sublime rehash with herbs from the roof.

    • Catfish Post to Magdalena Way

      COP 40.000

      Delicious provocation of authentic Bagre prepared in an ancestral way as it was always cooked on the banks of the Magdalena river. Accompanied by yucca and patacón with rice and avocado.

    • Peasant chicken about Creole Potatoes Roasted and Avocado

      COP 32.000

      Leg pernil de pollo campesino delicately stewed in an original Colombian homemade stew accompanied by Creole potatoes and fresh avocado. The Colombian homemade flavor exploits masterly in its mouth with the simplicity, but forcefulness of the Colombian cuisine.

    • Tongue in sauce

      COP 36.000

      Nothing more exquisite than this traditional flavor of Colombian cuisine, tender meat with a sauce and capers to your taste accompanied by steamed potatoes, rice and avocado.

    • Cola Stew Full

      COP 38.000

      If you are a native of Bogotá, you will enjoy this dish of beef tail cooked in an artisanal manner cooked for 18 hours over a slow fire and stewed in a classic stew of peas, spices, herbs and beer. Accompanied by yucca, potatoes and white rice with a piece of avocado.

    • Bone of Marrano

      COP 32.000

      Tribute to this traditional Bogota dish, tender and juicy piece full of Colombian homemade flavor accompanied by fried yucca and salted potatoes.

    • Caribbean rice with shrimp

      COP 38.000

      One of the most representative dishes of the cuisine of the Colombian Atlantic. This classic Caribbean rice highlights the juicy shrimp and the harmonious aroma and flavor of coconut milk. Accompanied with patacón and avocado.